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The Don Miller Music Experience: Blog


Posted on June 13, 2010 with 0 comments


Don A. Miller II, Ph.D.

“The Great Spirit selects and then sends before us an earthbound mother

Who opens wide her womb and heart for one child and perhaps another

Raising high her loving arms to provide a broad if but momentary cover

Sheltering from the drenching storms of youth that inevitably will hover

A dutiful yet deceitful daughter and her modest but misbehaving brother

The free and emerging spirit is so shaped and molded but not smothered

She receives the lustful seed surrendered in loving care of a doting father

Who during her labored rest shall watch and for a time ceases to bother

She is transformed and transfigured until a final release she does holler

Bringing forth then a newborn from within her protective cloak and collar

And glows in joyous celebration whether it becomes a labor and a scholar

While praised whether reclining on imported silk or in dirty cotton squalor

She teaches the child of peace so he may lower his weapon and his shield

Her [...]
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